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TingTongs App is a Innovative services

First, a little background. TingTongsApp is a free app that lets you send text messages with photos and videos from your smartphone, bypassing your wireless carrier’s SMS and MMS charges.

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TingTongs App is secure and worthwhile

TingTongsApp is now one of the strongest messaging apps you can find on Android, thanks to new end-to-end encryption for messages. That means that your messages are totally secure and cannot be decrypted by WhatsApp at all — no matter what. Other apps offer similar end-to-end security, but TingTongsApp is by far the largest of the bunch. The new encryption features are said to be heading to iOS soon as well.

Change phone's permissions settings

TingTongsApp has no interest in taking photos of you; we simply wish to make it easier for you to have a rich, photographically enhanced conversation with those closest to you. Your privacy and security are important to us, and we want you to feel confident that you can use the application freely. It has enabled a photo button in the Android version of our app. This feature allows you to take a picture or video using your Android device camera directly.

When you download the Android version of the app equipped with this feature, TingTongsApp is required to ask your permission to enable it. You will not need to approve this permission a second time. This is necessary to take any pictures or videos from your device using the new feature. Rest assured, TingTongsApp will never take a photo or video without your confirmation.

TingTongs App Backup/Restore with One click

It’s Important Feature of Bckup/Restore. It’s Backup/Restore your personal conversation on the server. If you have lost any TingTongs App data you will restore that.

Note: Before Restoring data you have to confirm that you had take backup or not.


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